POA Circulars

14 Jun 13 CIRCULAR 97

Benchmarking: Local Engagement and Stage 6 Reports

As you know the Executive have been in detailed discussions with NOMS and members of the BDG, following a number of concerns from branch officials engaged in phase one of the Benchmarking process.

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14 Jun 13 CIRCULAR 96

Communications: Annual & Special Delegates Conferences 2013 Verbatim Reports

In accordance with Annual Conference Motion 47/2011, please be advised the Verbatim Reports above are now available on the POA Website in the Annual Conference 2013 section.

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10 Jun 13 CIRCULAR 95

Efficiency Benchmarking Way Forward

A one day briefing session for all phase one establishments and the five adopter sites of Efficiency Benchmarking took place on Wednesday 5th June 2013 in Daventry in order to address issues and concerns raised by branch officials during a fringe meeting held with the Director of Public Sector Prisons at Annual Conference 2013.

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07 Jun 13 CIRCULAR 94

Facilities Management and Works Competition Announcement

On the 6th June 2013, NOMS set out the areas of the prison estate which will be competed. This process will be completed by 2015 and is as a direct result of an announcement in 2012 on this issue.

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05 Jun 13 CIRCULAR 93

Matters affecting the union - POA Committee 2013

Following the recent changes to the National Executive Committee, please find attached a revised Committee Structure and NEC Area Structure document for your information.

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31 May 13 CIRCULAR 92

NEC Minutes 23rd April 2013

Please find attached NEC minutes for the 23rd April 2013, for your information.

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30 May 13 CIRCULAR 91

Efficiency Benchmarking Way Forward

At Annual Conference 2013 a POA/NOMs ‘understanding document’ was rejected by the membership. The Understanding Document contained reference to many areas, but most significantly, efficiency benchmarking. It was clear that branches would benefit from further dialogue about how the proposals would work in practice, particularly in relation to efficiency benchmarking.

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24 May 13 CIRCULAR 90

Finance Tax Relief on POA Subscriptions

Following enquiries received by members this circular is to advise the membership on the official position of the HMRC in relation to this matter.

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24 May 13 CIRCULAR 89

Increase in POA monthly subscriptions

In accordance with Conference Policy this circular is to inform the membership that as a result of the adoption of the Finance Report at Annual Conference, the monthly subscription will increase from £13.00 to £13.10 with effect from 1st July 2013.

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24 May 13 CIRCULAR 88

POA Death Benefit

As a result of the adoption at the POA Special Delegate Conference held on 17th May 2013 of Conference Paper 4 (The POA Finance Manual), I am pleased to advise the membership that with effect from that date the POA Death Benefit has been increased from £3000 to £3250.

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