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16 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 130

POA Annual Conference - 14th - 17th May 2013

The Annual Conference for 2013 is scheduled to be held on the above dates at SOUTHPORT THEATRE & CONVENTION CENTRE and will be of a FOUR day duration.

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15 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 129

National Dispute

At the NEC meeting on the 10th October 2012 it was decided to register a national dispute on the failure of NOMS to consult and negotiate with the Executive at national level on the proposals and processes under competition benchmarking (Annex A attached).

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15 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 128

Smoking in Prisons

The POA has been involved in a long campaign and fight with successive Governments and NOMS to prevent prisoners smoking in their cells and designated areas within prisons in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland since 2007.

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15 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 127

District Meetings 2012

At the National Executive meeting on the 10th October 2012, the NEC considered the need to convene District Meetings this year.

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15 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 126

NEC call for a Special Delegates Conference

On the 10th October 2012, at the National Executive Meeting it was decided in accordance with Rule 12 to call a Special Delegates Conference at a time to be determined by the NEC.

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10 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 125

TUC Rally "A Future that Works"

The TUC have given a further briefing in respect of the Rally.

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09 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 124

Agreed Operational Whitley Minutes - July 2012

Please find attached a copy of the POA Whitley Council Operational Minutes for July 2012

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02 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 123

Unsocial hours allowance & criteria for payment

The POA HR Whitley Sub Committee have been in dialogue with NOMSí Policy Group to establish the criteria in which staff qualify for payment and those staff who are affected by the new policy.

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01 Oct 12 CIRCULAR 122

Prison issue razors

The NEC are concerned at the number of attacks on our members by prisoners using weapons made from prison issue razors. We have had numerous enquiries from branches for their removal.

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27 Sep 12 CIRCULAR 121

TUC Protest Rally - "A Future That Works" 20th October 2012

At the NEC meeting held on 27th June 2012 the Executive debated how to maximise the number of members attending the above. It was determined to ask the Unionís Communications Committee to provide options for the Executive to consider.

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