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01 May 12 CIRCULAR 43

Uniform Pensionable Pay

Over the last few days we have become aware of a potential problem with “uniform pensionable pay”.

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27 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 42

POA refect final offer on prison officer normal pension age

Please find attached POA press release for your innformation.

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27 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 41

Government changes to the scheme design of the Principle Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS)

You will be aware that the imposed increased contribution changes to the PCSPS come into effect for payment this month.

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26 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 40

Issues regarding the PCSPS scheme design

Following receipt by the NEC of a number of issues raised by members regarding changes to the scheme design of the PCSPS myself, Glyn Travis and Joe Simpson met with Counsel, Simon Cheetham, at Old Square Chambers on the 18th of April 2012 in order to discuss the issues which include the following:

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26 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 39

Budget Cuts, Mapping, Fair & Sustainable

On the 25th April 2012, the NEC discussed concerns which have been brought to their attention in respect of Governors interpretation of Fair and Sustainable, the Mapping Process and impact of Budget Cuts.

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24 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 38

Annual Report 2011

In line with custom and practice the Annual Report will be adopted during Annual Conference. Therefore, to ensure that all delegates have the opportunity to consider the Report prior to the adoption at Annual Conference, please find attached an electronic version in accordance with Annual Conference Motion 46/2011.

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24 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 37

Annual Conference 2012, 15th-18th May, Southport, Delegates Telephone Number

Delegates to Annual Conference are advised the delegates’ telephone number for Conference week is: 0151 934 2409

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20 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 36

Annual Conference Motions

It has been drawn to the attention of the National Executive Committee that Motion 3 within the
April Gatelodge is incorrect and should read as follows:

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05 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 35

POA Survey

In line with Conference Policy, the NEC have now compiled a survey and have had a programme commissioned to capture the data and ensure the Union can utilise the information appropriately for example in our annual submission to the Prison Service Pay Review Body (PSPRB).

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05 Apr 12 CIRCULAR 34

MOJ proposals to reform the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

On Sunday, 22nd April 2012 the consultation period on the Ministry of Justice proposals to reform the provisions of the CICA ends.

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