Circulars Archive 2012

19 Jun 12 CIRCULAR 66

Update: Application European Court of Human Rights

The POA submitted as you know last year, our application to the European Court of Human Rights in respect of the right to strike.

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11 Jun 12 CIRCULAR 64

Trades Union Congress 2012

Following the Special Delegates Conference in March 1996, the Executive informed delegates that they would be seeking "two candidates" nominated by branches to attend the TUC Conference annually.

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11 Jun 12 CIRCULAR 63

Final Proposals for a New Pension Scheme from 2015

The National Executive Committee commissioned Pension Advisers to summarise the pension proposals from Cabinet Office to assist members to make an informed choice on their pensions.

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07 Jun 12 CIRCULAR 62

PSA Project: Changes to the way tax is deducted on taxable travel & accommodation

As you know, over the last two years HMRC have advised MoJ Taxation that NOMS must make certain changes. Before April 2012 NOMS settled the tax on taxable travel, accommodation and subsistence separately from payroll.

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06 Jun 12 CIRCULAR 61

New POA membership benefit

This circular is to bring to your attention the latest membership benefit available to you from the POA.

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01 Jun 12 CIRCULAR 60

Local Market Facing Pay

In December 2011, the Chancellor instructed all independent Pay Review Bodies to consider how public sector pay could be made more responsive to local labour markets (regional pay).

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28 May 12 CIRCULAR 59

Annual Conference 2012: Incentives and Awards

The POA has a proud history of recognising the hard work and dedication of members. In 2001, Conference established the incentives and awards policy as set out in Conference Paper 2 of 2001 and this has expanded throughout the years as more awards have been incorporated in the policy.

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28 May 12 CIRCULAR 57

Pension and legal advice

It has been brought to the attention of the Executive that a significant number of members are seeking advice in respect of voluntary redundancy (VEDS). Some members are seeking advice on their pension and once again members are seeking legal redress as a result of the employer refusing medical retirement.

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24 May 12 CIRCULAR 56

POA Welfare Fund Non-contrubuting Members

In accordance with Annual Conference motion 14/2012

“Conference authorises the Executive Committee of the POA Welfare Fund to enact a 3 month suspension of the word ANY from rule E1 of the POA Welfare Fund constitution. Thus allowing non-contributing members another opportunity to join the charity”.

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24 May 12 CIRCULAR 55

NHS Pension Reforms

An enquiry has been raised with us with regards to the proposed NHS Pension Reforms, concerning those members who have reserved rights linked to their Mental Health Officer status.

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