Circulars Archive 2011

10 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 117

Civil Unrest and Riots

I am sure that you are fully aware of the civil unrest that has occurred in many major cities during the past 4 or 5 nights. As a result of this anarchy and civil unrest the police have made a significant number of arrests and many of those individuals could face a period of time in custody.

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09 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 115

Human Resources: Time scales for compensation payments on termination

Having received a number of complaints regarding the delay in compensation payments on dismissal from the Service on the grounds of medical inefficiency, the National Executive Committee has raised this issue with NOMS via the HR Whitley Sub Committee.

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01 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 114

ULR Course - HMP Highdown

Please be advised that it is intended to run a ULR Stage 1 Course at HMP Highdown commencing on Thursday 8th September 2011 over 5 consecutive weeks.

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01 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 113

National Committee for Secure Health Care Services Minutes - 20th April 2011

Please find attached a copy of the above agreed minutes in accordance with Conference policy.

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28 Jul 11 CIRCULAR 112

Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme Consultation

The National Executive Committee in recent documentation circulated prior to the workplace ballot on pensions, advised the membership of the intent of Government to increase civil servants contributions to their pension scheme from April 2012.

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25 Jul 11 CIRCULAR 111

JES Negotiations

The POA are currently in negotiations with NOMS regarding the introduction of JES and its component parts.

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21 Jul 11 CIRCULAR 110

Pension Reforms: Result - Workplace Ballot

Following the promulgation of Branch Secretary Circular 24/2011, eligible branches in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland conducted a workplace ballot.

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19 Jul 11 CIRCULAR 109

Judicial Review: Civil Service Compensation Scheme

As you will be aware the PCS and POA have a joint action in respect of challenging the changes made to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme

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19 Jul 11 CIRCULAR 107

Prison Closures and Market Testing

On the 13th July 2011 the Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke announced that HMP Acklington, Coldingley, Durham, HMP/YOI Castington, Hatfield, Moorland, Onley and HMP/IRC Lindholme would be market tested.

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15 Jul 11 CIRCULAR 106

Career Break Scheme - PSI 4/2011

Following the introduction of PSI 4/2011, the POA have been seeking clarity from NOMS to ensure individuals who take up a career break will return to the same terms and conditions at the end of the break.

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