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19 Sep 11 CIRCULAR 129

Are you missing out on extra cash?

Are you aware Tax Credits are not just for the low paid? Even families on £42,000+ could receive them! But….thousands of people are failing to claim their extra cash!!

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16 Sep 11 CIRCULAR 128

POA events

On Tuesday 20th September 2011, the POA are holding a Fringe Meeting, which has been organised with the New Statesman. The Fringe Meeting will commence at 13.00pm at the Novotel Hotel in Broad Street, Birmingham.

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08 Sep 11 CIRCULAR 127

Negotiations on the wider strategic reforms programme

Many of you will know that members of the Executive have been in negotiations with NOMS on a wide range of issues on a “without prejudice and confidential basis”. The negotiations have been extremely positive, but nothing has been agreed.

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07 Sep 11 CIRCULAR 126

Boots and Shoes

It has been drawn to the National Executives Committee’s attention that the Prison Service issued boots and shoes, which may not be fit for purpose.

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24 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 124

Security & Custody: Arrest of individuals as a result of civil unrest between 6th & 10th August

At the NEC meeting on the 24th August 2011 members of the Executive reported that some offenders who had been arrested were subject to tagging.

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24 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 123

National Chairman Annual Leave: 26th August to 9th September

During my absence on annual leave between the 26th August to 9th September 2011 inclusive, Mr Tom Robson will cover my duties and exercise the authority of the Chairman.

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17 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 121

Legal: Death in Custody/Self Inflicted Death Forms

There appears to be some confusion following the promulgation of the new Legal Advice Handbook in respect of the above.

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15 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 120

Prison Population Increase

The prison population as of today stands at record levels 86,201 prisoners in our care. This is an all-time high. It is recognised that the riots and civil disobedience has contributed to those numbers in recent days where the police, courts and prisons have been working flat out to accommodate those being brought to justice.

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15 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 119

Civil Service Compensation Scheme Legal Challenge Rejected

The POA and PCS jointly made an application to challenge the imposition of the new Civil Service Compensation Scheme under Article 1 of protocol 1 of the European convention on Human Rights, which protects possessions and Article 11 on free assembly, arguing changes were imposed without our consent.

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10 Aug 11 CIRCULAR 118

Standardised Core Day

Many of you will be aware that a standardised core day was introduced by NOMS as a cost saving exercise some time ago. At the time the NEC objected to the introduction of the standardised core day realising it would result in job cuts, loss of regime and an increase in the risk of violence in our prisons.

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