Circulars Archive 2011

08 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 151

NOMS New Working Structures Document

During the Special NEC Meeting on the 2nd November 2011, convened to discuss the above, the Executive determined to promulgate POA Circular 146/2011 in an attempt to quash rumours and innuendos in respect of the above.

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03 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 150

Pensions Update

At a meeting with Ministers on the 2nd November 2011, a number of new proposals were outlined to the TUC negotiating team by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Mr Danny Alexander and Cabinet Office Minister Mr Francis Maude, including an improvement in the proposed accrual rates within the major public service schemes compared to their previous position and new proposed transitional protections, for those closest to retirement.

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03 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 149

RPI/CPI Judicial Review

Please find enclosed update with regards to the Judicial Review. I would be grateful if you could bring this to the attention of the membership.

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03 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 148

Clarification on Payment Plus and Travel & Subsistence arrangements

Following concerns from members and the recent audit by NOMS, it is clear that further clarification was required on the above.

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03 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 147

PO's & DPSM's

Following the promulgation of POA Circular 138/2011, a small number of members have requested a copy of the minutes of the meeting held on the 9th September 2011.

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02 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 146

NOMS Restructuring

The National Executive Committee are today meeting to discuss the NOMS Restructuring Plan.

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14 Oct 11 CIRCULAR 145

Mutual Aid Bed Watch Agreement

In POA Circulars 135 and 136/2011, we informed the membership that NOMS and G4S had entered into a mutual aid agreement to cover bed watches at HMP Birmingham.

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13 Oct 11 CIRCULAR 144

Consultation on proposed increase to pension contributions

Please find enclosed the POA’s Submission to the Cabinet Office Consultation on the above issue.

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13 Oct 11 CIRCULAR 142


The POA are currently constructing an informative document, which will highlight the progress being made at this time.

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11 Oct 11 CIRCULAR 141

E-petition - Pension changes - RPI to CPI

Please find attached letter regarding the Government moves to increase pensions using CPI rather than RPI.

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