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16 Dec 11 CIRCULAR 173

Ministers ignore views on public sector pension contributions

The Government has announced today that it intends to ignore the vast majority of respondents to its consultation who rejected the need to increase pension contributions for civil servants.

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13 Dec 11 CIRCULAR 172

Applications for Legal Advice

It has been drawn to the attention of the Legal Aid and National Executive Committee’s that members are not providing all of the information to our retained Solicitors when seeking legal advice on work related matters.

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09 Dec 11 CIRCULAR 170

Use of National Insurance Numbers by NOMS

Members have raised concerns with the POA over NOMS’ usage of National Insurance numbers on payslips and other official documents. The POA HR Sub Committee raised these concerns with NOMS and as a result this issue has been progressed with the Ministry of Justice, NOMS’ legal advisors and the Information Commissioner.

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06 Dec 11 CIRCULAR 169

RPI/CPI Judicial Review

Please find a Judgement briefing provided by Thompsons Solicitors in respect of the outcome in relation to the Judicial Review, which was handed down on Friday, 2nd December 2011.

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30 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 168

Day of Action - 30th November 2011

The National Executive Committee would like to thank every POA member for their efforts in making the TUC day of action a major success in protesting against the Coalition Government and the attack on our respective pension schemes.

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29 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 167

30th November 2011

Following the promulgation of POA Circular 166/2011 the National Executive Committee determined that the following information should be promulgated to all branches.

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29 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 166

TUC Day of Action 30th November 2011

The POA National Executive Committee have been in correspondence with the National Offender Management Services (NOMS) since our briefing paper on Health and Safety issues was sent to branches last week.

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28 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 165

High Secure Hospital Strike on Wednesday 30th November 2011

POA members in the High Secure Hospitals are conducting strike action on Wednesday, 30th November 2011.

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25 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 164

UK Border Agency - 30th November 2011 - Strike Action

It has come to the attention of the National Executive Committee that UK Border Agency Staff have voted for strike action on the 30th November 2011.

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25 Nov 11 CIRCULAR 163

TUC Workers Single

The workers single “Let’s Work Together” was released on the 20th November 2011 on Nova Music. It will be available for around 99pence through downloads of online music stores.

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