Circulars Archive 2011

17 May 11 CIRCULAR 82

DPSM'S & Local Pay Allowances (LPA'S)

A number of branches raised concerns in respect of the above and clarification was sought from NOMS earlier this year.

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17 May 11 CIRCULAR 81

BBC Question Time - "Wormwood Scrubs"

During Annual Conference last week members of the executive were advised that the BBC’s Question Time was to be screened inside Wormwood Scrubs Prison.

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17 May 11 CIRCULAR 80

National Committee for Secure Health Care Services Minutes - 6th Jan 2011

Please find attached a copy of the above agreed minutes in accordance with Conference policy.

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27 Apr 11 CIRCULAR 78

Matters Affecting the Union: NEC Branch Area Structure

Following the announcement of the NEC election, I have determined that Mr Dean Acaster will cover the Central Area.

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21 Apr 11 CIRCULAR 77

Indicative Workplace Ballot and General Issues

Following the promulgation of Branch Secretary Circular 12/2011 and POA Circulars 47/11 and 62/11, concerns have been raised by some branch officials and members, whilst on the other hand some branches are content and have stated so.

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21 Apr 11 CIRCULAR 75

Pensions Update

As you are aware there has been on-going discussions with TUC affiliated Unions and Francis Maude (Minister for the Cabinet Office), James Richardson (Her Majesty’s Treasury) and Danny Alexander (Chief Executive to the Treasury) in relation to the Hutton Review.

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19 Apr 11 CIRCULAR 73

Election 2011: Election result - National Executive Committee

Please find attached the Certificate of Result from Electoral Reform Services.

It confirms that DEAN ACASTER has been elected to the National Executive Committee from the end of Annual Conference 2011 until the end of Annual Conference 2013.

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19 Apr 11 CIRCULAR 72

Freelance Journalist Carlton Boyce

It has been drawn to the attention of the Executive that Carlton Boyce has written to the majority of branches setting out his position as a freelance journalist.

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18 Apr 11 CIRCULAR 71

Muslim Service

The National Executive have agreed the following protocol with NOMS.

Where Establishments have high numbers of attendees at Muslim Service, it would be prudent to re-profile. This will allow a more flexible approach to prayer time, whilst delivering a safe system of work using maximum staff resources available.

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18 Apr 11 CIRCULAR 70

IT Terminals

Due to the numerous complaints received with the siting of IT terminals for staff use, the National Executive Committee have agreed the following with NOMS.

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