Circulars Archive 2010

11 Aug 10 CIRCULAR 104

Job Evaluation Scheme

As you all know the Prison Service has embarked on a fact finding process to inform themselves that a Job Evaluation Scheme (JES) can be introduced sometime in the future.

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11 Aug 10 CIRCULAR 103

Serious Incident Report Form

Please find attached a Serious Incident Report Form. I would be grateful if you could fill the form out and return it to Joe Simpson at Linden House.

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11 Aug 10 CIRCULAR 102

ACM 71/10 - Invision

The National Executive Committee are due to meet with the Prison Service on the issue of Invision/Self Rostering.

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09 Aug 10 CIRCULAR 101

National Committee for Secure Health Care Services Minutes - 21st April 2010

Please find attached a copy of the above agreed minutes in accordance with Conference policy.

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03 Aug 10 CIRCULAR 99

NEC Branch Area Structure

Please find attached an updated NEC Branch Area Structure following the election of Mr Terry Fullerton to the National Executive Committee.

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29 Jul 10 CIRCULAR 98

Wednesday 4th August 2010:Strike Action UCU Members

I have spoken to the General Secretary Sally Hunt of the UCU, which have members working in education within the Prison Service.

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26 Jul 10 CIRCULAR 97

POA Welfare Fund

Are you contributing to the POA Welfare Fund? Did you know that 28% of your charitable donation is taken by the Government in tax?

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19 Jul 10 CIRCULAR 94

POA Death Benefit Nominations

Over the past few months it has become apparent that many members fail to update their Death Benefit Nomination upon any changes to personal circumstances.

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19 Jul 10 CIRCULAR 93

Annual Conference 2010 - Professional Photographs

During Annual Conference delegates, observers and providers will have noticed that the POA engaged the professional services of a recognised NUJ photographer.

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16 Jul 10 CIRCULAR 92

Trade Union Congress

Following the Special Delegates Conference in March 1996, the National Executive Committee informed delegates that they would be seeking nominations annually from the field for attendance at the Trades Union Congress.

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