Circulars Archive 2010

06 Oct 10 CIRCULAR 127

Human Resources Cover Payments

Many of you will know that the Service imposed changes with regards to how staff, who are required to act up to the next rank for any reason, are paid.

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30 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 126

Prison Officer 2

At a recent NEC meeting it was determined that the Union would seek legal advice regarding the merits of pursuing an equal pay claim for members in the Prison Officer 2 grade, which was imposed following the open letter from Robin Wilkinson on 27th April 2009.

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28 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 125

Demonstration and Rally at the Methodist Hall London - Tuesday 19th October 2010

In addition to the information sent to you in POA Circular 118/2010, I would like to update you on this issue.

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24 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 124

Competition Dialogue Process - Final Bid

A special NEC was convened on Thursday 23rd September 2010 to discuss the final bids from the Prison Service Public Sector Bid Team.

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16 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 123

Approval for travel, subsistence & facility time of approved TUC sponsored & other courses

Further to POA Circular 48/2010. The following procedures MUST be adhered to by any member wishing to claim travel and subsistence from the POA or facility time from NOMS for approved TUC sponsored courses.

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13 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 122

National Chairman and Finance Officer

Listed below is the timetable and procedure for the forthcoming election for National Chairman and Finance Officer.

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10 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 120

Criteria for POA Membership - Rule 4.1

It has been drawn to the Executives attention that some POA members are failing to cancel their POA subscriptions when leaving their employment for a variety of reasons and then seeking re-imbursement of the subscriptions at a later date. This practice must cease.

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10 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 119

Lawful Industrial Action Minor Errors Bill

I enclose the following specimen letter, that I would request POA members fill out and send to their Members of Parliament inviting them to be present when the Private Members Bills receives a second reading on the 22nd October 2010.

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09 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 118

Lobby of Parliament and Rally at the Methodist Hall London - Tuesday 19th October 2010

The NEC have been actively engaged with the TUC and Public Services Liaison Group in developing a joint strategy to combat the proposed budget cuts, which are to be announced under the Comprehensive Spending Review on the 20th October 2010.

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09 Sep 10 CIRCULAR 117

Data protection Act 1998

Many of you will have dealt with members who have raised a grievance or complained about the manner in which their personal information (data) has been stored or processed by the employer.

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