POA Circulars

25 | 13.03.2018

TUC national demonstration: A new deal for working people 12th MAY 2018

Members will be aware following publication of POA Circular 9/2018 that on 12th May 2018, thousands of people will march through London as part of a TUC led multi-union demonstration to demand a new deal for working people across the UK.

The National Executive Committee want to ensure the POA have a significant presence at this event. This is your chance to support yourselves and workers from across the country, by showing the Government that the cuts that have been made and the changes that have been forced on the Prison Service in the name of austerity have gone too far and a new deal is needed for prisons.

The wider TUC Campaign is demanding a new deal for all working people! Everyone seems to be suffering at the moment, your friends, your family and your colleagues at work.

• Real wages are still lower than before the crash in 2008.
• 3 million workers are stuck on zero hour contracts, in agency work and in low paid
• Hardworking public servants haven’t had a proper payrise for eight years.
• The NHS is at breaking point.
• Years of Government cuts have led to poverty, homelessness and despair for too many.

We and our fellow trade unionists are marching for the alternative. For a growing economy with great jobs in every nation and region of the UK. For a £10 per hour minimum wage and the right to a voice at work. For public services that are properly funded and free at the point of use. And for a society that roots out racism and discrimination in all its forms.

We are part of the trade union movement. We must stand up for millions of working people all over the UK, not just those in the POA and together, we must demand a new deal for working people.

A further Circular will be issued regarding travel and subsistence and how these can be claimed.

Please join us in London on 12th May 2018 and support yourselves, your Union and workers across the country.

Yours sincerely

Steve Gillan
General Secretary