POA Circulars

11 | 05.02.2020


Following a telephone conversation between Peter Hancox, Retired Members Branch, and David Evans, Chairman of the Union’s Welfare Fund, a meeting was held on 18th December 2019 at POA Headquarters.

At the meeting, Peter Hancox confirmed:

1. That the Retired Members Branch accepted that they could not have access to the Union’s Welfare Funds.
2. That having reassessed their position as a Retired Members Branch, they would not, at present, be able to establish their own Death Benefit Scheme.
3. That the Retired Branch Members would be asked to contribute one pound (£1) a month to establish their own fund, which would be separate and distinct from the Union’s Welfare Fund.
4. That they could call it the Retired Members Benevolent Fund.
5. To establish how many retired members wanted to make that contribution, a circular would be promulgated to all retired members.

The Union’s Welfare Committee reiterated a previous offer of help and advice, and to make a contribution to kick-start their fund.

A further update could be provided to Annual Conference, should that prove necessary.
Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary