POA Circulars

98 | 02.10.2019


I am pleased to announce that Steve Gillan General Secretary after a vigorous process of presentational skills to an Interview Panel has been appointed a Workers Member for the Central Arbitration Committee by the Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). He will be expected to be available for 1 day per month.

The appointment commences on 1st October 2019- 30th September 2024. The Central Arbitration Committee are responsible for the following areas of dispute;

  • The Statutory recognition of Trade Unions
  • The disclosure of information for collective bargaining
  • Applications and complaints related to information and consultation arrangements
  • Establishing and operating European works councils
  • Complaints about the level of involvement employees have in certain decisions covered by regulations related to European companies, cooperative societies and cross-border mergers

The Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) are an independent body with statutory powers. The Committee has 27 members, including the Chairman, 6 Deputy Chairmen, 6 members experienced as representatives of workers and 14 experienced as representatives of employers.

The function of a Worker Member is to fulfil the independent role of leading a panel’s consideration of a CAC application. The General Secretary Steve Gillan along with other Worker Members will lead formal hearings with the parties and act impartially to ensure the CAC’s policies and practises are adhered to. Worker Members will also contribute to policy formulation and knowledge sharing at the CAC’s Annual General Meeting.

As part of a 3- person panel, CAC Members apply their employment relations experience, skills and knowledge to a panel’s consideration of an application.

Clearly a Worker Member participation would not be permitted in any case the POA had lodged with the CAC because of conflict of interest and rightfully the General Secretary would have to declare that position.

On behalf of the POA I would like to congratulate Steve Gillan on his appointment to the Central Arbitration Committee which is essential to have a balance between employer representative and worker representative.

Yours Sincerely

Deputy General Secretary