POA Circulars

66 | 25.06.2019



The roll out of PAVA is gathering pace. There are now 14 sites which have been identified as the initial sites to receive PAVA. 113 C &R Instructors have completed the 5-day training course. All other instructors will be trained within the next few months. The 4 pilot sites will be refresher trained and receive SPEAR and rigid bar cuff training. PAVA will be mandatory in all male adult closed prisons. Governors do not have a choice.

The legal challenge has been dropped due to the claimant accepting the revised Equality Analysis and Guidance. There is potential for a future challenge, but the employer is confident that they can defend this and the roll out of PAVA will progress at pace.

The POA have been assured that we will be given input into the next tranche of prisons receiving PAVA. These will be ‘difficult’ prisons that will welcome the roll out. The employer is also keen to roll out PAVA in a timely manner and we are hopeful it will not take 24 months to do so.

The support of POA members during the 28-day notice and indicative ballot has been instrumental in forcing this issue.

Thank you all for your support.

Parliamentary drop in

On Wednesday 10th July 2019, in the House of Commons the POA and other Unions will be holding a drop-in session with MPs. We need members of staff who have experienced an assault at work to attend and converse with a variety of MPs from all political parties, so we can gain support for a more urgent roll out of PAVA, a lower retirement age and increased staffing levels.

This is a great opportunity to get your point across.

Although we cannot secure time off work, if you are available and wish to attend, we are content to reimburse your travel costs, and will of course, show you around the House of Commons and buy you refreshments on the terrace bar!

If you have anybody willing to attend can you please confirm with me (via nicola@poauk.org.uk) by Friday 5th July 2019.

Disputes Resolution Procedure

On 1st August 2019, the POA enter negotiations about forming a new local disputes resolution procedure to replace PSO 8525. The new procedure, if agreed, will include binding arbitration via ACAS. As discussions progress the membership will be updated accordingly.

PSI 6/2010

We have started talks about the issues surrounding our disciplinary procedures. We hope to reach agreement that ensures these procedures are adhered to in a timely, unbiased and fair way. An update will be promulgated to the membership once talks are complete.

Advanced Prison Officer

The employer has indicated that they wish to negotiate details surrounding an Advanced Prison Officer role. We await a date to commence negotiations.

OMIC in the Female/ Open Estate

Agreement about how the OMiC model in these estates could not be reached. Local Committees are instructed to submit disputes if their SMT attempt to impose the OMiC model. Please refer to POA Circular 49/2019.

Pay Award

The recommendations from the Pay Review Body now sit with the Government and we await approval. We are unaware of what the recommendations are and envisage that a decision will be made prior to the Parliamentary summer recess in July.

Retirement age

We continue to press Government to initiate discussions between ourselves and the employer in order to return the retirement age of Prison Officers to 60. There is much cross-party support, however the current Government have not yet indicated a willingness to reciprocate our wishes. I would ask that all members contact their local MP in order to gain support to return our retirement age to 60.

Please ensure the membership receive this update.

Thank you for your continued support.

For and on behalf of the NEC.



National Chair