POA Circulars

51 | 30.05.2019


On the 20th February 2019 Mr Terry McCarthy NEC representative was dismissed from the Prison Service pending appeal.

Without identifying the details of the case, I am pleased to inform you that Steve Gillan General Secretary represented Mr McCarthy at his appeal on 21st May 2019.

On 30th May 2019 a letter was received from the appeal authority informing Mr McCarthy that dismissal was no longer the outcome.

This was a common sense decision which now sees Mr McCarthy back at work and released on facility time to get on with his job.

We know that many of our members are subject to poor decisions under the Code of Discipline and we also have major concerns about our members wrongly being disciplined over PSO 1600 Use of Force and Body Worn Video Evidence interpretations.

The National Executive Committee are engaging on all these issues with HMPPS in order to bring a common sense approach to all areas of the Code of Conduct application.

Previous Circulars have gone out requesting evidence from branches where they believe the Code of Conduct has been used incorrectly.

By keeping this communication open with the NEC, it will benefit you and assist us in bringing about much needed change.

Yours sincerely


National Chair