POA Circulars

50 | 24.05.2019


At this year’s 80th Annual Conference under the provisions of ACM 47/19, it was agreed that branches would report all serious incidents to the General Secretary as part of the Union’s campaign to reduce violence and expose the under reporting of incidents within the Prison Estate.

Conference welcomed this initiative and the Executive agreed to establish a dedicated e-mail address for branch officials to forward the information.

All branch committees must ensure the information is forwarded on a weekly basis to seriousincidentreports@poauk.org.uk.

Whilst the information may be available on the Daily Briefing and/or the IRS on NOMIS, committees need to ensure accurate information is collated and reported. To this end local officials may wish to discuss a local protocol with their management ensuring regular assurance checks are carried out.

Following the adoption of the motion concerns have been raised as to what is a serious incident.

Currently the Executive are focusing on serious acts of self-harm or suicide and all assaults. However, if any branch feel that something should be reported nationally, please do so.

Please circulate this to all members for information.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours Sincerely

General Secretary