POA Circulars

31 | 09.04.2019


I am pleased to advise the membership that once again the CSIS Charity Fund has made a financial grant to the POA Welfare Fund. This year’s generous grant of £20,000 was made possible by an exceptional donation to the CSIS Charity Fund by the Civil Service Insurance Society.

The CSIS Charity Fund is an independent charity linked to the Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS), a “not for profit” insurance intermediary which markets insurance products exclusively to civil and public servants. The charity’s income comes entirely from the annual trading surplus of the Civil Service Insurance Society, plus the investment of it reserves.

Virtually all CSIS’s annual trading surplus is paid into the charity under a Deed of Covenant. The money is then distributed to a wide range of organisations, mainly, but not exclusively, civil and public service charities, putting the money back into the community from which it originated.

This year’s grant is gratefully received and will be put to good use in furthering the aims of the POA Welfare Fund charity by continuing to support its members facing hardship and distress.

For further information about either the POA Welfare Fund or the CSIS Charity Fund, please visit the membership benefits section of the POA website at www.poauk.org.uk

Yours sincerely


General Secretary