POA Circulars

28 | 04.04.2019


The new Chief Executive Dr Jo Farrar of HM Prison and Probation Service commenced the role on 1st April 2019.

Very quickly a meeting was arranged so that the National Chair Mark Fairhurst and myself could meet with her.

On 3rd April 2019 the meeting went ahead. It was an exploratory meeting and the Chief Executive listened to the issues that we raised on behalf of POA members.

This was a constructive meeting and gives the POA and the new Chief Executive an opportunity to explore issues going forward.

We made it clear that the POA wanted a constructive, professional relationship going forward as we are a trade union locally and nationally that should be viewed as having solutions to the problems that the Prison Service have at the moment, instead of the old attitude that we are the problem.

The POA want a successful Service that the general public can be proud of and if we keep the communication open with the new Chief Executive on a regular basis then we can assist her in moving HMPPS forward, in the best interest of her staff and our members and indeed those prisoners in our care.

The POA have an opportunity to have an open, transparent and constructive approach with the new CEO Jo Farrar and I sincerely hope that in the interests of decent employee relations that she will value the input from this trade union going forward.

Certainly, the indications from this first meeting is that she is prepared to listen and that is a good start.

I wish her well in this challenging appointment.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary