POA Circulars

27 | 02.04.2019


The Minister of State for Justice Rory Stewart has delivered a written statement to the House of Commons confirming that HMP Birmingham will return to the public sector on the 1st July 2019. It would appear a contractual settlement of £9.9 million will be paid by G4S which covers the additional cost to the Ministry of Justice regarding the “step in action” and to cover essential maintenance works.

The POA NEC and HMP Birmingham local committee have long campaigned for this to happen. Our argument has never been with the companies such as G4S, SERCO or SODEXO but with successive Government’s who handed them contracts.

The POA respect all our members no matter where they work and will continue to build constructive relationships with all employers to enhance the terms and conditions of all our members irrespective of who their employer is.

The policy of the POA is to have prisons that are outsourced brought back into the public sector as per ACM 11/16.

This is the first step on a long road because of Government ideology. Our campaign goes on until privatisation of our prisons in the UK is a thing of the past.

Together with cohesive polices and strategies we can achieve these goals. We have been successful in bringing back HMP Blackenhurst, HMP Buckley Hall, the Wolds and now HMP Birmingham.

The POA were also successful with HMP Manchester, HMP Berwyn along with keeping HMP Moorland, HMP Lindholme and HMP Hatfield in the public sector when the threat of privatisation was real as we were on the Isle of Sheppey.

Sadly, we lost HMP Northumberland but as stated our campaign will go on and in the meantime, we will continue working with the private companies in a constructive manner locally and nationally where we have recognition rights to ensure our members get the very best whilst contracted out.

Finally, I commend the Birmingham local committee past and present along with the membership for assisting us nationally whenever we requested their assistance to highlight their issues whether it was in the media or within Parliament.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary