POA Circulars

13 | 28.02.2019


Following final submissions from the Executive and approval from HMPPS Board the policy has been issued to the POA in the guise of an Annex A and draft NTS.

At the NEC on the 27th February the Executive agreed a formal response to the Annex A submitted by HMPPS and agreed the Draft NTS which sets out the policy.

The successful judgement in the Berryman case pursued by the POA and our retained solicitors Thompsons provided the Executive with a strong negotiating position to reach the agreement on back pay and policy in 2018.

Following POA Circular (100/18) in September, the Department has finally got Treasury approval and sign off to reimburse all employees who are in the qualifying group.

HMPPS will now introduce the new policy to cover additional leave (pay) for additional hours over the contractual base pay to all affected employees.

Once this process is complete HMPPS will be in a position to reimburse members in the qualifying group, for leave year’s 2016/17 and 2017/18 using the agreed pay formula of 7.693%. they are also looking to include reimbursements up to January 2019.

Members will then receive a second payment to cover the period from the start of the 2018 leave year or January 2019 to the date the policy is implemented.

Once the policy is introduced payment will be paid on a claim made basis, monthly.

The formula has been slightly amended from the original offer to reflect the calculation of 52.2 weeks period and will form part of the new policy.

The Executive previously advised the membership that they would not issue any further legal claims pending sign off and agreement, because it would have been detrimental to the wider membership.

Please draw the contents of this circular to all members.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours Sincerely


General Secretary