POA Circulars

16 | 30.01.2018


 It has been brought to the attention of the National Executive that some Governors are using re-profiling as a means to try and re-introduce Band 4 SO’s as Nights Orderly Officers.  Members should note that the NEC have always believed that this should sit with the Band 5 Custodial Manager grade right across the estate.

Supervising Officers cannot act as night managers, due to their fair and sustainable job descriptions and JES scoring. The NEC have never agreed to any changes that allow Band 4 staff to act as Night Orderly Officers.

A number of disputes were raised at the time but these were put on hold as the much heralded Nights Review was meant to address the POA’s concerns, however we are still awaiting the publication of this Review. If your establishment is considering changing the Nights Orderly Officer from Band 5 to Band 4 the NEC advise that you immediately inform your area NEC Representative and enter into dispute on this issue as per PSO 8525.

For and on behalf of the National Executive.

Yours sincerely

National Chair