POA Circulars

14 | 26.01.2018


In order to improve communication between the Executive and the membership, I intend to forward regular updates in relation to ongoing national issues. Please note the following;

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You can now follow regular updates on the work the entire National Executive perform on your behalf by accessing the following twitter feed;


Pension Reform
After last years rejection of a reduced retirement age offer we seek to re-ignite negotiations on pension age reform. The policy of the Union is to achieve a retirement age of 60. We will continue to press Government and the Employer to negotiate a reduced retirement age for Bands 2-5. We await a decision by the new Secretary of State to progress these talks. Myself and the General Secretary will meet the new Secretary of State Mr Gauke on the 1st February 2018 and we will ensure our position is made clear.

Civil Service Compensation Scheme
The Government have been forced to consult with the POA after our recent success in the Courts in collaboration with the PCS Union. Calculations for compensation payments due to medical inefficiency have now reverted to the 2010 model (POA Circular 10/2018) which gives a maximum pay-out of 24 months pay. Consultations are ongoing.

Pension Challenge
We are currently awaiting the outcome of the appeals process regarding the Judges and Fire Brigades Union challenge on changes to their retirement age. This Judgement is imminent. Once we are in receipt of this outcome we will take further advice and update the membership accordingly. My thanks to members who registered their claim online.

Pay Award 2018/19
HMPPS are due to submit their recommendations to the Pay Review Body in mid February. The POA, as per Conference Policy, do not submit evidence to the Pay Review Body. We have been invited to offer our thoughts on a pay award to the Employer. We will continue to ask for collective bargaining rights over pay in order to scrap the Pay Review Body and achieve the most beneficial award for all our members.

Offender Management in Custody (OMiC)
For a comprehensive update on OMiC please refer to POA Circular 1/2018, negotiations continue.

Facilities Management
After the compulsory liquidation of Carillion, the POA have publicly called for all maintenance to be returned to the public sector. HMPPS have set up a specialist team to review facilities management across the entire estate and we expect a decision to be announced shortly.

Please ensure the contents of this Circular are distributed to branch members.

For and on behalf of the NEC.
Yours sincerely

Mark Fairhurst
National Chair