POA Circulars

1 | 05.01.2018


In 2015 NOMS/HMPPS conducted a review of Offender Management in Prisons, due to the failure of the existing Model, which had been in operation since 2006. The findings of the Review were published and a decision to introduce a new Offender Management in Custody Model was announced in the House of Commons by the then Secretary of State Michael Gove. Subsequent announcements were then made by his successor Liz Truss about the introduction of the new Band 3 Key Worker, Band 4 Prison Offender Managers and the 10 Pathfinder Sites chosen to begin the introduction of the new Model.

The NEC took a decision not to endorse the new Model until such time that evidence could be produced to show that the new OM Model had been instrumental in the reduction in violence, self –harm and suicides in prisons and that re-offending rates were reduced.  However, the NEC agreed to enter into consultation with HMPPS on the introduction of the new OMiC Model. The consultation has been ongoing and we continue to meet with HMPPS.

The current position is that Phase 1, which is the Key Worker element of the OMiC, is currently being rolled out in the closed Adult Male Estate. Every prisoner will receive a 45 minute Key Worker session per week and Key Workers will manage a caseload of around 6 prisoners. All of this work should be included in establishment profiles.

Important to note:

Key Work should only be delivered if the establishment is above the Benchmark TSF for Band 3 Prison Officers and all Band 3 Prison Officers have received the Key Worker Training.
Band 3 Key Workers should not be carrying out BCST completion as this is in dispute and currently sits within the Band 4 JD.

Phase 2 of the OMiC Model, which is the Core Offender Management, is expected to be introduced from spring of this year and moves away from the Band 4 dual Offender Supervisor/Supervising Officer role and sees the introduction of the new Band 4 Prison Offender Manager (POM), which can be Operational or non-Operational depending on the Model, which the Governor decides to operate after having first consulted with the Trade Unions.

Unfortunately, due to the current position regarding BCST the JDs have not been published.

Further updates will be provided as and when appropriate.

yours sincerely

General Secretary