POA Circulars

148 | 06.12.2017


 Lately the union’s membership department has received an increasing number of requests for refunds of membership subscriptions which fall outside the union’s Rules and Constitution. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to bring to the attention of members the following Rule which applies in this matter.

Waiver Rule 8.7
Subscriptions are waived automatically for members on armed forces call up, or members on a reduced salary (half or pensionable rate of pay) because of:
(a) long term sickness; or
(b) maternity leave.
(c) Members who qualified for their subscriptions to be waived under Rule 8.7(a) and (b) shall not be entitled to reclaim paid subscriptions, save for 3 months maximum, if they failed to apply at the appropriate time.  Further, the NEC ensure branch officials to adhere to the administration of this rule.

Subscriptions may be waived at the discretion of the National Executive Committee for members who are suspended without pay for one month or more.

Therefore, if you are placed on reduced pay you are advised to immediately inform the membership department by email at membership@poauk.org.uk or your branch committee, who in turn will inform the membership department at POA Headquarters in order that your membership record can be amended accordingly.

Further, you are reminded that once you return to full pay, it is your responsibility to inform the membership department or your branch committee of this in order that your membership subscriptions can be reinstated in order to protect your rights and benefits of membership of the union,

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter
Yours sincerely

Finance Officer