POA Circulars

141 | 27.11.2017


 The POA has a diverse membership, it is important to ensure that all voices are heard within the Union. Our members want the union to help them in taking up their issues in the workplace but often women, black members, disabled members, young members, LGBT members and older members may have different issues of concern.

The NEC encourage all workers to join the POA, this will build strength in the workplaces in which we organise, making the union more representative and increase our bargaining power with employers. Often, due to the fact that they can be discriminated against based on gender, race, disability, age and sexuality, these workers are more likely to join the union than others.

The Committee meets quarterly to assist the National Executive Committee on equality issues and attend the various TUC Conferences.

In light of the change in facility time, it was deemed the work of the Equalities Committee is a trade union activity and anyone interested in joining will have to use their own time to attend meetings etc. Travel and subsistence will be paid to members who attend meetings on behalf of the POA, as part of their role within the committee.

Therefore, the National Executive would like to invite interested members of the POA, not necessarily local committee members to apply to the General Secretary in writing via Carol Strahan (carol@poauk.org.uk) providing the following information;
Phone Number:
E mail address:
Mobile Number:

Thank you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary