POA Circulars

140 | 21.11.2017

Branch Committee Structure

The OSG Consultative Committee have requested that we remind Branch Committees as to its composition, to ensure OSG’s have a voice on each Committee within the workplace.

Therefore, I bring to your attention Rule 20.2 of the Rules and Constitution.

Branch Committee and their Duties
Rule 20.2    Unless approval for a variance to these members is sought and approved by the NEC, each branch will have a branch committee comprising: 

a) A Chairman
b) A Secretary
c) 3 to 5 other committee members
d) If any of the above positions does not include an operational support grade, then that Committee should seek to co-opt such Members on to the committee for advisory reasons. (except Northern Ireland)

Committees are asked to comply with the above Rule.

Yours sincerely
General Secretary