POA Circulars

130 | 01.11.2017

Roll out of Body Worn Video Cameras

The NEC have negotiated the immediate roll out of body worn video cameras without the pre- requisite for FMI training.

This is to ensure that your safety is not compromised and BWVC are utilised effectively without delay.

Please be aware of extracts from a letter from Phil Copple to all governing Governors:

I will communicate to Governors the aim that we achieve a minimum deployment of BWVCs as soon as practicable of at least two staff in each residential unit during the hours of unlock.

Where the schedule of FMI training delivery means that this cannot be achieved locally within a reasonable timeframe and/or without impractical disruption to effective staff deployment to their normal places of work, then Governors have discretion to implement an alternative procedure.

The alternative procedure will allow BWVC deployment to officers without FMI training provided that Governors ensure that

1) the basic BWVC training is augmented with a short good practice briefing that draws on FMI principles, and is summarised in an aide memoire that is issued to the officer; and

2) the use of BWVCs is closely monitored by local managers to ensure they are generally being used well and are supportive of the local violence reduction strategy, and corrective management action is taken in any cases where the good practice guide is not followed. The good practice guidance will be developed by the central project team. Local POA committees will be able to raise the issue of the alternative procedure if they have concerns locally about the BWVC position.

Please ensure that locally your SMT adhere to this agreement.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

National Chair