POA Circulars

119 | 22.09.2017


The Certification Officer has given final approval on the Political Ballot Rules, which was endorsed by Annual Conference 2017.  The Certificate of Approval under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act for 1992 Section 74 was granted on the 21st September 2017 for our members in England, Scotland and Wales. 

Northern Ireland members will be balloted once approval is given by the Certification Officer in Northern Ireland (please find enclosed Certificate of Approval).

Every day, the laws, regulations and decisions made by politicians affect our members at work. Health and safety protection, pensions, privatisation, hours of work and take-home pay are affected by political decisions.

Our concerns must not end at the prison or hospital gates. Issues such as the health service, education and public transport matter to our members’ families and communities.  We have a right to speak out on those issues as well, on behalf of our membership. Indeed, political campaigning by trade unions helped bring about the NHS, the welfare state and the retirement pension.

Unions need to be able to continue to address these issues. To do this we need to maintain our Political Fund. To maintain our Fund we need to achieve a positive YES vote from the forthcoming ballot.

POA members need a political voice

Your contribution to the existing Fund is already within your current subscription.

Voting YES will not cost you a penny extra.

In line with the regulations governing the running of a ballot to maintain the POA Political Fund the National Executive Committee is required to inform members of the name of the Scrutineer and independent person for this ballot.

As is the normal practice for the POA we will be using the offices of Electoral Reform Services (ERS) for this ballot.

We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage any member who has recently changed address to ensure that Cronin House has been informed and your details updated on the membership register.

The POA Political Fund Ballot will be taking place between the 29th September 2017 and 20th October 2017.

POA Members have a lot to say – VOTE YES to a voice for POA members!

Yours sincerely
General Secretary