POA Circulars

59 | 03.05.2017


The National Executive Committee were formally informed on Monday 1st May 2017, that the National Chair had applied and was selected as a Parliamentary Candidate for a political party in the forthcoming General Election.

The Rules for Civil Servants standing as Parliamentary candidates is clear that they need to resign during the Parliamentary process, which the National Chair did today with HMPPS and was effective from today.

The NEC held a Special NEC meeting this afternoon as our Rules and Constitution are clear in relation to being a full member and we reluctantly accepted his resignation from the position of National Chair after receiving an email dated 3rd May 2017, tendering his resignation as National Chair.

The NEC placed on record their thanks and gratitude for all the hard work that Mike Rolfe had done whilst not just as National Chair, but as an NEC member as well.

The Executive wish Mike every success in the future. In his resignation email a request was made to address Annual Conference and the NEC believe this would be appropriate at the end of business on Thursday 11th May 2017 and this offer has been made to Mike Rolfe, which he has accepted.

In the meantime, it is business as usual with Mark Fairhurst Vice Chair now Acting National Chair and Terry Fullerton NEC Member Acting Vice Chair.

I know the membership will wish Mike Rolfe all the very best for the future and wish Acting

National Chair Mark Fairhurst a successful Annual Conference.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary