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47 | 07.04.2017


Many of our members are seeking clarification on when the Pay Review Body are sitting to consider the Employer/Government evidence, in respect of any pay rise for 2017/18 after the membership rejected pay and the reform deal last year.

I would have thought the Employer would have updated their employees with regards to their position, as the POA do not give oral or written evidence to the Review Body as per Conference Policy.

I have therefore contacted the Employer for an update and I am told that they are scheduled to give oral evidence later this month, but as yet their written submissions have not been shared. I suspect at the time of writing this Circular that their written evidence hasn't had Treasury approval as yet and therefore not in the possession of the Pay Review Body. I am aware that the Chair of the Pay Review Body has written to the Minister recently complaining about the delay to their written evidence (copy enclosed).

I would have expected the Employer to keep the Remit Group updated regarding the delay in respect of their evidence. It would be evident from this delay that even if the Review Body recommend a pay award for the respective members in the Remit Group that Government won't be considering this until at least May 2017, so therefore if there is an award it won't be paid in the April 2017 salary.

I am sorry that the POA has had to release this information. I would have thought that responsibility for the delay would have been relayed by the Employer to their employees, as it is their responsibility to communicate to their employees in such circumstances.

Yours Sincerely

General Secretary

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