POA Circulars

33 | 16.03.2017


The Executive are continually in discussions with NOMS regarding the levels of violence in our prisons and IRCs in both the public and private sectors, we highlight and present detailed analysis contained within the national VDT (Violence Diagnostic Tool). It is clear from this data that the levels of violence are not reducing despite the assertions from NOMS that their policies are addressing this issue.

When the data is analysed and compared to previous month’s, committees can start to identify and almost predict when and where violent incidents will take place, this data will arm committees to influence changes in staffing numbers where the data highlights peaks. This is particularly helpful in the construction of RMPs (Regime Management Plans), violence reduction plans, evidence to support that members were/are being placed at risk if no remedial action has been taken to reduce the risk posed from violence.

The National Executive Committee request that locally committees gain seats on any meetings that have a directive to reduce violence, we are after all key stake holders in violence reduction.

The Violence Reduction Project that NOMS set up with a clear mandate to reduce violence have carried out in excess of thirty-eight establishment visits which resulted in “VR Taskforce Feedback Reports”, these will also prove useful to local committees for reference.

The National Executive Committee request that local committees seek assurances from management that they are amending the regime and staffing levels in areas when violence has or is more than likely to occur following evaluation of the local VDT. In addition, we ask local committees to collate a monthly return of all violent incidents at their establishment and forward this to the NEC representative.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary