POA Circulars

23 | 28.02.2017


Further to POA Circular 21/2017 the NEC regrets to inform you that a Judge has today ruled that the action we called for in that Circular was unlawful and we must call it off. We did our best to argue our case using John Hendy Q.C. the leading barrister on the Union side in industrial action matters. We are deeply concerned about the implications of this decision and will take the appropriate steps to challenge it.

The NEC is Ordered by the Judge to inform all branches, members and representatives of the following by email (please take appropriate steps to inform all members and representatives immediately);

(a) Circular 21/2017 (“the Circular”) is withdrawn and any branch meetings which have been scheduled to take place at 7.30am on 1st March 2017 be cancelled;
(b) That members should work normally and in accordance with their contracts of employment and with instructions given to them by management; and that
(c) without prejudice to the generality of (a) and (b) above, the following particular instructions in the Circulars are withdrawn:

Instructions to:

i. Withdraw from the following activities from 1st of March 2017:

1. Acting as ACCT Assessor;
2. Acting as First Aider;
3. Undertaking C&R Advanced training and call outs save for the protection of life and staff safety;
4. Covering non-profiled work, save for the protection of life;
5. Acting as C&R Instructor;
6. Acting as Hostage Negotiator;
7. Acting as Staff mentor;
8. Undertaking overtime;
9. Undertaking Detached Duty;

ii. Withdraw from the Payment Plus scheme from 1st April 2017 for a period of one week;

iii. Withdraw from the Payment Plus scheme for a two-week period in May 2017;

iv. Withdraw from the Payment Plus scheme for a three-week period in June 2017;

v. A total withdrawal from the Payment Plus scheme from July 2017;

Thanking you in anticipation for your support.

Yours sincerely

National Chair

Yours sincerely


General Secretary