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24 | 28.02.2017

Branch meetings 1st March 2017

Following the Court Injunction awarded to the Secretary of State on the 28th February 2017, the following motion was passed by the NEC;

“The NEC instruct all POA members to attend branch meetings outside of their establishments in their own time prior to commencement of duty on the morning of Wednesday 1st March 2017 to inform them of the outcome at the recent high court injunction and to relay to them the NEC briefing paper. All POA members should attend duty at the start of their shifts.”

The NEC ask that POA branches read POA Circular 23/2017 to members in attendance at those meetings and discuss the implications going forward.


Yours sincerely

National Chair

Yours sincerely


General Secretary

POA Circular 24-BRANCH MEETINGS 1st March 2017.pdf

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