POA Circulars

132 | 23.12.2016


These Circulars are becoming a recurring theme. At the time of writing this Circular I have been informed that there are no injuries to staff or prisoners after the riot at HMP Swaleside. Once again, I am told had it not been for the bravery of our colleagues at Swaleside in securing the Prison then things would have been far worse. On behalf of the NEC I pay tribute to everyone involved from NTRG, Tornado teams and the Swaleside staff for their professionalism and keeping the public and each other safe.

Prison Officers and related grades are a credit to the Service and indeed to the POA. Against the backdrop of brutal budget cuts, pay cuts, and pension age increases our members continue to show bravery during difficult times. The Government's own statistics demonstrate the Service is in crisis. Staffing is at a critical level in many of our jails. I wrote to the Secretary of State seeking a meeting for the National Chair and myself to meet her once again and that meeting will now take place in the New Year.

We will continue to push forward our agenda on Health and Safety and to try to get pension justice and a proper remuneration for our hard working and over stretched members.

On behalf of the NEC thank you once again to the Swaleside staff and all those involved in restoring order.

Yours Sincerely


General Secretary