POA Circulars

128 | 19.12.2016


With regards to the above riot on Friday 16th December 2016, I would like to place on record on behalf of the National Executive Committee praise for our colleagues at HMP Birmingham along with Tornado teams and all those involved in bringing this riot to a conclusion.

Once again, our members have shown bravery, professionalism and a determination in keeping the general public safe. POA members should be extremely proud of resolving this riot against a background of under resourcing from a Government that is in continual denial as to the damage they have caused throughout the estate on what can only be described as a race to the bottom with budget cuts since 2010. Our members continually pick up the pieces of failed policies.

I would also like to thank our members throughout the Prison estate for receiving prisoners transferred from HMP Birmingham. The NEC recognise this will have put a burden on an already overstretched system.

Thank you once again for demonstrating your professionalism. It is about time that the employer and Government recognised the value of our members and the extremely difficult job that is done in keeping the public safe.

Yours Sincerely


General Secretary

POA Circular 128-2016 HMP Birmingham riot.pdf

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