POA Circulars

120 | 01.12.2016

Prison Reform Agreement 2016

The POA National Executive Committee over the last 18 months have been working to reduce pension age for Prison Officer Grades.

Negotiations have now concluded on various strands of work;

  1. Pension Age Reform for Prison Officer Grades.
  2. The Governments Prison Reform policy particularly Governor empowerment and local collective bargaining arrangements with a new local and national dispute procedure with Independent binding arbitration.
  3. A 3 year Pay deal during this Spending review period until 2019.

The National Executive Committee at its meeting on the 29th November considered the package in its entirety and passed the following motion;

“That the NEC endorse the Prison Reform Agreement 2016 as the best that can be achieved through negotiations and ballot the affected membership in England and Wales on those proposals outlined in relation to pay, disputes procedures and pensions”.

A ballot timetable and all the details contained within the package will be sent out in due course for the affected membership to vote on in England and Wales.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary