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119 | 01.12.2016


On Tuesday 22nd November 2016 members of the National Executive Committee met with Mr Phil Copple Chief Operating Officer of NOMS. At the end of the meeting Mr Copple agreed to write to the National Executive Committee with commitments made by NOMS during the meeting.

At the NEC meeting on the 29th November 2016, the NEC passed the following motion: -
“That the NEC accept in principle the latest positional paper and responses from NOMS in relation to Health and Safety matters as the best that can be achieved at this time. Furthermore, as a frame work to continue to seek further improvements whilst encouraging local officials to develop agreed Regime Management Plans and associated Health and Safety Strategies to reduce violence in the workplace”.

Those commitments from Phil Copple Chief Operating Officer are as follows and are reproduced for ease of reference below;

  • NOMS to deliver on all assurances provided in their response of 11/11/16 to the 128 demands.
  • Confirm commitment to deliver all the actions set out in responses, as updated in Appendix 1 attached.

    Security/Searching Strategies
  • Confirm commitment to issue Chief Operating Officer guidance and/ or instructions in respect of the following demands, as set out in Appendix 1 - 69, 70, 71b, 72, 73, 74, 75, 77 and 95. Further, a draft will be produced by 9th December, for consultation with the POA, with the intention to issue by the end of December. Finally, I confirm the commitment for local managers to consider in January the implications of the guidance and instructions for their establishment with local POA officials.

    Regime Management Plans
  • In accordance with the responses to demands 5, 32, 71b and 103, I confirm our commitments to:
  • Augment the facility time of 2 NEC officials with project time in order to release them to work full-time on violence reduction and related matters, including in particular RMP policy and operation.
  • Ensure reasonable facility/ project time is given to local POA officials in relation to RA, SSOW and RMP work.
  • Further, I confirm we will issue the agreed establishment RMP survey attached at Appendix 2, and commit to urgent work to develop interim RMPs as soon as practicable where they are required.
  • I reiterate the commitment above for local POA officials to be granted reasonable time to address the RMP work.
  • I commit NOMS to working with the POA to develop training material, and a PSI on RMPs as soon as practicable, which will include a commitment to deliver RMP training as part of its implementation.
  • I commit NOMS to ensuring all reasonable efforts are made by our managers to develop finalised RMPs as soon as practicable at all sites, following the publication of the RMP PSI.
  • I reaffirm NOMS’ commitment to the principle that regime delivery must match resources, as reflected in RMPs and day to day operation.
  • Propose to send out a statement which reaffirms the commitment of the Secretary of State and CEO to the importance of safety.

    Risk Assessments/SSOW
  • NOMS is committed to ensuring adherence to the general management of Health and Safety responsibilities to monitor and review risk assessments and safe systems of work. This includes post incident reviews of Health and Safety risk assessments following an incident covered by such a risk assessment, following which the reviewing manager should include further control measures or record that there are no further control measures to put in place. In addition, NOMS commits to:
  • Issuing a special COO instruction to Governors, stipulating that if by [within 2 weeks of publication of these responses] a local POA branch committee requests a review of local health and safety risk assessments and safe systems of work, then Governors must ensure they are reviewed within 4 weeks of the date of the request.
  • Ensuring thereafter that reviews and responses following submission of concerns and requests from local POA branch committees will be undertaken in a reasonable timeframe, taking into account the time elapsed and developments since the last review.

    PPE & BWVC
  • NOMS commits to providing a provisional response to the range of PPE issues by close on 25th November 2016, including the following specific commitments:
  • To review, with full engagement with the POA, the merits of the national roll out of Body Worn Video Cameras (BWVC) proceeding on the basis of issue to all operational staff on duty, taking into account the potential safety benefits, appropriateness in all types of establishments and value for public money.
  • To agree in principle to the issuing of ratchet cuffs and radios to all operational staff on duty in the closed estate, with the understanding that work will need to be undertaken to determine practical implementation issues and projected lead in time.

Please draw the contents of this Circular to your member’s attention.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and cooperation.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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