POA Circulars

117 | 30.11.2016


Following a recent NEC meeting it was decided that I should write to all members and advise them of the process of seeking representation as determined by the Executive.

Members seeking assistance should in the first instance contact the Local Committee in advance and explain the nature of the representation and or support required and the person you believe is the best place person to assist you.

The Local Branch Chair should then allocate a member of the Committee to assist the member where possible.

Where it is clear that a conflict exists, the Local Committee should make contact with the NEC member with area responsibility to assist and ensure the member receives appropriate support.

NEC Officials will normally only assume representation for members of the Committee that are subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Only in extreme circumstances and after agreement and discussion with the Local Committee will NEC Officials offer advice or representation to any other member.  This process is to ensure that Local Committees are not undermined or circumnavigated.

When in need of immediate assistance and in the event of no Local Committee being contactable, members should contact Cronin House on 0208 803 0255.  A message will be taken by the staff at Cronin and you will receive a call back as soon as possible from either your Local Committee or someone that is available to offer advice.

Yours sincerely

Mike Rolfe

National Chair