POA Circulars

108 | 16.11.2016


On behalf of the NEC I would like to thank all POA Branches, Committees and members for your unwavering support during yesterday’s (15.11.16) protest action. I would also like to thank my National Executive Committee who put in some long hours to ensure everyone was kept informed and up-to-date as much as possible whilst dealing with the press and other associated issues, sometimes they have had to endure much criticism which is hard at times, but comes with the role. I’m sure that you will join me in appreciating the work they do on your behalf and congratulating them on the work undertaken yesterday.

Similarly, I would like to thank all support staff & FTO’s who also put in a long day dealing with press and answering members concerns. Some of whom were at Cronin House from 3.30am on the 15.11.16. This dedication often goes unnoticed, but shows how committed everyone within the POA is to ensuring our members are listened to and appropriate and responsible steps are taken to address those concerns and needs.

POA members served this Union proud and the fight for justice for our members must now continue at pace. As colleagues united together we must now support and protect each other within the workplace and from the tyranny and subculture of bullying that puts our members and Prisoners at risk. No longer can we accept a culture of making things work when the resources are clearly not available, suppression of ability to manage our own workloads and pressure to ignore MSL’s, Safe Systems of Work and Risk Assessments in order to appease management. This must stop NOW!

The NEC recognise that there are many good managers out there that are supportive of staff and are willing to listen, those managers capable of leading and ensuring the safest application to working should be in control with support of their POA colleagues, those who are not willing to foster such good working relations should realise that this is not the right way to do things and should step aside or take a strong look at how they conduct themselves. No longer can we tolerate such systematic failure to listen, observe and learn from experience and professional staff. The Prison System needs compassionate and adaptable leaders not dictatorships of fear and oppression.

The NEC will now re-engage in negotiation with the Secretary of State and whoever she identifies to assist, but rest assured we will not allow the concerns of our members to continue to go unanswered.

Thank you once again and remember Unity is Strength, united we stood 15.11.16.

Yours sincerely


National Chair