POA Circulars

106 | 15.11.2016


We just wanted to share an update with members.

It seems the protest action has been successfully carried out at Prisons across England and Wales in both the Public and Private Sector.

We want to personally thank all POA members for their support of the stance taken by the NEC.

We have had contact with Michael Spurr CEO of NOMS and the offer of more meetings. The mandate from the NEC is clear that the deadline was the 11th November 2016 and that the NEC now seek the Health and Safety assurances direct from the Secretary of State.

Governors throughout the country will no doubt be threatening staff with legal and disciplinary action.

We ask POA members to continue their support as we can no longer tolerate the level of violence in our Prisons and Safety and Security issues that have left the Service in crisis.

We will seek to remedy the situation as soon as possible, but must insist that we have the assurances to keep the staff and prisoners safe.

Unity is Strength, support each other and stay strong.

Your sincerely 

National Chair 

Yours sincerely

General Secretary