POA Circulars

107 | 15.11.2016


The National Executive would like to pay tribute to the courage shown by all of the members who stood up today to demand a safe working environment. The safer custody statistics are well known to everyone and they are an absolute disgrace, they are a disgrace to NOMS who have completely failed in their management of the health and wellbeing of their employees.

They also highlight the failure of the Secretary of State, Liz Truss, to discharge her duties in respect of requiring NOMS to provide a safe decent and secure working environment.

Instead of meeting with the NEC to work together to deliver a safe working environment for all members, she left the negotiations to a flawed and discredited management whom we have no faith in whatsoever.

When NOMS failed to deliver acceptable proposals which would ensure Governors taking appropriate action in making our workplaces safe. We then turned to you our members to take protest action and we called urgently upon the Secretary of State to engage directly with us to remedy the diabolical situation in our prisons. She refused point blank to meet with your NEC. She decided instead to hide behind the repressive anti trade union laws imposed upon this trade union by her predecessors and conduct industrial relations via the courts instead of discharging her fundamental duty to provide a safe decent and secure working environment.

The NEC did its best to resist the Court action but unfortunately we were unsuccessful and the Secretary of State was granted her injunction against your Union.

The Union has therefore been ordered to inform you that;-

a) Circulars 97/2016 and 104/2016 are withdrawn.
b) That you should work normally and in accordance with your contracts of employment and with instructions given to you by management.
c) That the following instructions within the circulars are withdrawn;-

Instructions to;

1. Hold “emergency meetings”.
2. Take strike action throughout 15th November 2016 as directed in Circular 104/2016.
3. Read the contents of the Circulars and related “briefing paper” to its members or other persons employed within NOMS.
4. Inform NOMS management that a “controlled unlock will be in place until an agreed action plan is adopted and accepted by members" at any of the defendants branches.
5. Decline to follow any instructions to work normally and /or in accordance with the terms of their contracts of employment.

This communication is being placed on the POA website in place of the above Circulars which have been removed.

The full order is attached to this Circular for your information.

Please bring this Circular to the attention of all our members as soon as possible.

Further to this we have been assured the Secretary of State will be meeting with the NEC to carry on Health & Safety negotiations within the next 48 hours.

Yours sincerely

National Chair

Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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