POA Circulars

103 | 10.11.2016


Further to POA Circular 97/2016 (since suspended) by the NEC as a result of the letter dated 31st October 2016 from the Chief Executive Michael Spurr, agreeing to urgent negotiations on Health and Safety and related matters of which was set out in POA Circular 99/2016, it was agreed that negotiations would conclude on 11th November 2016, for the Executive to consider any formal offers following those discussions.

We have had formal negotiation from the 1st November 2016 and we thought it appropriate to update the membership that those negotiations are on track to be concluded by the agreed date of 11th November 2016.

The process after that is the NEC will be meeting on Monday 14th November 2016 to determine whether the negotiations have been successful or not.

This has been a difficult period for the membership in England and Wales and the media attention particularly with regards to the riot at HMP Bedford and the double escape from HMP Pentonville has been intense.

We met with the Secretary of State Liz Truss on the 2nd November 2016 and on behalf of the Executive and membership we left her in no doubt about our position in respect of Health & Safety. The Secretary of State stated that she wished to engage with us constructively and endorsed the negotiations.

We are at a critical stage of those negotiations and we would like to thank all Executive members and full time employees for their input into those discussions.

As identified earlier in this Circular, all documentation will be scrutinised by the NEC on Monday 14th November 2016 to consider those outcomes.

We would like to thank Branch Officials and the membership for their support during these difficult times. We will update you accordingly after the NEC meeting.
Yours sincerely 

National Chair 

Yours sincerely

General Secretary