POA Circulars

102 | 08.11.2016


With regards to the above, obviously there will be a Prison Service Investigation and a Police Investigation into the events surrounding that breach of security and the POA nationally will keep a close eye on developments to ensure our members are treated fairly and appropriately.

There of course is much media attention in respect of this and our members at HMP Pentonville unfortunately will come under scrutiny.

I would like to thank the membership at HMP Pentonville and the local Branch Committee for their dignity and professionalism at this difficult time.

I will be reminding NOMS and the Secretary of State that they should be under scrutiny for the lack of investment and the cuts to staff, which threaten basic security at HMP Pentonville and indeed other establishments. The Union at local level and national level have consistently raised the difficulties that staff have been facing over a a significant period of time at Pentonville and it appears those concerns have been consistently ignored until now.

Our members at HMP Pentonville do a tremendous job in very difficult conditions without adequate resourcing or investment in the infrastructure. We will not allow any investigation to solely focus on our members as there has been failings at the highest level of Government and indeed at Senior Level within the Service, in not supporting HMP Pentonville and its staff.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary