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86 | 04.10.2016


In July of this year the NEC were asked to consider proposals from NOMS in respect of the inability of staff to take their full annual leave allowance.

Since then the NEC has been in correspondence with NOMS and to date no agreement has been reached.

The proposals from NOMS will allow individuals to sell annual leave at the end of this leave year. This proposal is short sighted and unfair to POA members who have long challenged local management over the provision and taking of annual leave.

The NEC has consistently challenged NOMS over the allocation and provision of non- effective hours in establishments as part of the profile. The current allowance of 14.6% has proven to be insufficient to allow all operational staff to take their full annual leave allowances and yet NOMS continues to refuse to properly address this situation and delegates the management of annual leave to local Governors.

All too often members are faced with managements refusal to approve ad-hoc annual leave due to, staff shortfalls and the desire to deliver full regimes. The attached proposals from NOMS will only exacerbate this problem and allow Governors to refuse more requests for ad-hoc leave, in order to deliver regimes at the expense of member’s rest and recuperation.

On the back of this proposal NOMS published the Intranet article, “Don’t leave your leave to chance” on the 28th September 2016 attached at (Annex B for your information), all correspondence and the original proposal from NOMS is also attached at (Annex A).

Whilst the Executive has rejected these proposals it would appear that NOMS are intent on allowing Governors the autonomy to offer this to their staff.
Please draw the contents of this Circular and attachments to your members.

Members should use the Intranet article attached at Annex B when applying for annual leave to persuade mangers to approve ad-hoc leave and ensure they have adequate rest and recuperation in accordance with their contract of employment.

Please draw the contents of this Circular and attachments to your members.

Yours sincerely

Acting General Secretary

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