POA Circulars

83 | 23.09.2016


With regards to the above issue pertaining to the rights of Prison Officer grades being able to strike and being restricted under legislation by both a Conservative Government and Labour Government for some 22 years; as per our Rules and Constitution and the aims and objectives of the Union, the Executive are launching another challenge to the ban on strike action.

The National Chairman and myself met with John Hendy QC in Old Square Chambers to discuss a strategy in light of the right to strike being granted by the Scottish Government for Prison Officers and indeed the pernicious restrictions contained within the Trade Union Act in England and Wales.

We will be commencing referrals to both the European Committee of Experts and the European Committee on social rights as soon as supporting evidence can be collated. It is hoped that if we can convince them of the justice of our case this will put this Government and any future Government under pressure to give Prison Officers back the fundamental human rights to strike.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary