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77 | 30.08.2016


As National Chair I have undertaken a review of the current NEC Branch area allocations taking into account types of establishments, NOMS defined regions and membership levels at Establishments.

The POA continues to represent members at both Public & Private workplaces. Lay Officials at National level are only currently provided facility time to assist those establishments within the remit of NOMS and so the employed POA Officials will continue to serve the members at those workplaces outside of NOMS.

As a result of the review, I have decided to change the existing area allocations for NEC representatives as per the attached document NEC Area Branches. The changes have allowed for some like for like establishments to be grouped under one NEC rep such as the Young Peoples Estate, Wales, IRC’s or fewer NEC Officials in the case of the Female estate (2) and High Security Estate (3). The changes also reduce the number of DDC’s (Deputy Directors of Custody) that lay NEC representatives will be liaising with (max 3) and distribute membership numbers more equally within the defined areas.

Although this will mean no change for some branch committees and a complete change for others in who you are dealing with on the NEC, I hope that over time these changes will prove to be beneficial to Branches and members alike. The like for like grouping should allow for more detailed knowledge and perhaps specialism in specific areas of responsibility. It should also be noted that some NEC representatives will cover a more widespread geographical area, which will cross over with other NEC geographical areas as part of this change.

The changes will take effect from Saturday 1st October 2016 allowing for one month handover on outstanding issues from the date of this circular.

Although further changes will not be planned and it is recognised that stability and familiarisation with the designated NEC representative is essential to fostering good working relationships, it should also be noted that Areas will not remain fixed indefinitely and could be subject to further changes dependant on many factors. I intend to review regularly how we can best represent POA members in all workplaces where POA members exist.

Yours sincerely



National Chair

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