POA Circulars

72 | 12.08.2016


The NEC have continued dialogue with NOMS to try and reach agreement with regards to additional hours working as per Conference Motion 72/2014. The meetings to date have produced positive engagement and we continue to try and reach a permanent resolve on additional hours working for all related grades including OSG's.

Whilst these meetings continue, we can today confirm that NOMS have agreed to uplift the rate of Payment Plus to £22 per hour until the end of the financial year 31st March 2017. This means that from 14th August 2016 any member of staff working Payment Plus will earn £22 per hour, up from the current £17 per hour with immediate effect.

There will be no requirement to enter in to a contract, or apply to earn the enhanced rate of pay, it will be paid to everyone eligible to work Payment Plus.

The increased rate will not affect any current arrangements at identified 'red sites' where enhanced Payment Plus bonus schemes are currently being offered, except where additional hours to these schemes are worked, which will attract the enhanced rate of £22 per hour.

As a result of the decision by NOMS to offer the increased rate of Payment Plus and the ongoing meetings surrounding pay, the NEC have determined not to enact any further withdrawals from Payment Plus at the current time. This will allow for an opportunity to reach a permanent agreement that can ultimately be put to the membership for ballot.

Yours sincerely


National Chair 


Yours sincerely


General Secretary