POA Circulars

71 | 05.08.2016


As you may be aware, NOMS have begun seeking ways of providing “early freedoms” for Prison Governors. It would appear to the National Executive Committee (NEC) that this is NOMS’ first step away from the shackles of the now lamented “Public Sector Prisons Benchmark”.

During the Benchmark process, each establishment was provided with MTT (Mobilisation Transition and Transformation) funding in order to deliver the Benchmark Model. MTT funding was always intended to be an interim financial resource and expected to taper once a prison had reached its prescribed “Benchmark Steady State”. The NEC are aware that there are still some establishments who are in receipt of MTT funding, but will be required to remove it from their operating budget within the near future.

The consequence of this is that staff resources that have been available throughout the Benchmark process may be cut.

A good illustration of this are the presently outstanding disputes surrounding night staffing levels. Please find the attached letter from Ian Mulholland Director of Public Sector Prisons relating to these disputes. In particular to Night Staffing resources this means that establishments presently in receipt of MTT resource to cover night state are to revert to the prescribed Benchmark night staffing levels or to the agreed local position between NOMS and the POA.

It is a reasonable expectation that the cut of MTT resources to individual establishments will not be isolated to night staffing levels and may impact upon a number of areas of regime delivery.

The NEC would therefore be grateful, if branches could provide their NEC Area Officials with an update on their present situation with regard to MTT Resource and staffing levels and some direction on whether the reduction of MTT resource would have a detrimental impact upon our members Health and Safety.

Yours Sincerely

National Vice Chairman