POA Circulars

69 | 28.07.2016


As you are aware the NEC are committed to the continued training and development of local Branch Officials.

The Training Committee are seeking applications for the next Initial Branch Officials Training course on 17th to 21st October 2016 at the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel.

I would be grateful if you could complete the attached pro-forma and forward this to your NEC representative and ensure a copy is sent to the Legal Department at Cronin House as soon as possible. Once all Officials have responded, the NEC will make a decision as to who is placed on the course.

Please complete and return the pro form no later than 19th August 2016.

I recognise that some of you may have previously applied and have been unsuccessful, but you need to make a fresh application and advise your NEC member accordingly.

Whilst facility had not been approved as yet, we will be applying in the usual manner. It is advisable that you alert your Line Manager and Detail Office that you have applied for the Initial BOT course so that arrangements can be made.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary